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Al Sharpton and 1199 Plan Joint Sean Bell Demonstration

Al Sharpton

Nicole Paultre Bell (Sean Bell’s fiancée at the time of his death) with her mother, Laura Paultre (left), and Al Sharpton after the verdict was read in Friday’s trial.Photo: Getty Images

The Reverend Al Sharpton will be meeting with the union 1199/SEIU this afternoon (perhaps right now!) to discuss how they are going to organize and unify citywide demonstrations related to last week’s Sean Bell trial verdict. In the coming days, more are expected, and Sharpton and the union (who count Bell’s mother as a former member and have been involved with the family since Bell’s shooting) would like to take charge of them. There have already been gatherings nearby Club Kalua (where Bell was killed) and outside the courthouse when the verdict was read. Last week Errol Louis reported that black community leaders were not planning any protests, regardless of verdict — but apparently that has changed. Sharpton will have a press conference at 6:30 to announce his and the union’s plans.

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Al Sharpton and 1199 Plan Joint Sean Bell Demonstration