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Alex Kuczynski Totally Had Her Baby, and We Didn’t Even Notice

Alex Kuczynski Charles Stevenson

Kuczynksi and Charles Stevenson.Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ll admit, sometimes we are guilty of not reading Liz Smith’s column. Which is why we missed it when ol’ Lizzie announced on Sunday that Times shopping scribe Alex Kuczynski had her baby last week! Okay, well, she didn’t have the baby, technically — it was born through a surrogate (remember, Kuczynski is a self-confessed Beauty Junkie). But born it was: According to Liz, little Maxime Dudley entered this world on April 18. He’s arrived to quite the life: His dad is hedge-fund billionaire Charles Stevenson. (About whom New York Social Diary has this to say: “His bearing is representative of a society that was authentically WASP, a time, now only recalled, when it was believed there was a Society; proponents of a mode of conduct and social behavior that defined the American 20th century.”) His mom is a beautiful, successful writer. Oh, and he’ll live in 740 Park, where his dad is chairman of the board.

We finally discovered that little Maxime had entered the world by reading through Spencer Morgan’s coverage of the PEN gala earlier this week. She apparently told Spencer that Maxime is a beautiful blond, and then bolted the event early to go see him. Aha! The one shortcoming to having such successful, prominent parents: Eleven days out of the womb, and they’re already ditching you to go out partying.

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Alex Kuczynski Totally Had Her Baby, and We Didn’t Even Notice