Alex P. Keaton May Have Made a Sex Tape


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Donald Trump was not in a good mood at the wedding of ex-wife Ivana, maybe because his choice for Miss USA didn’t win. John Varvatos is trying to keep the spirit of CBGB alive in his new store by hiring only musicians as salespeople. Hollywood wiretapper Anthony Pellicano predictably acted shady about an alleged Michael J. Fox sex tape from 1990.

Pete Wentz says that Ashlee Simpson is not actually pregnant, contrary to reports. (The Daily News has a “source” that insists she is pregnant, though, and is due in October.) Joan Collins thinks that tabloid magazines are making everyone dumber. Susie Essman auctioned off a walk-on role in an episode of the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm for $120,000. Adriana Lima’s mom got hit on by a drag queen at a burlesque show. Stan Lee has a comic book out about the current crop of political candidates. Tom Brokaw is canceling his Knicks season tickets because he thinks the Dolans have “failed their obligation to the city.” Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Tracy Morgan had dinner at Buddakan. Adrian Grenier is dating Aussie actress Isabel Lucas. Producers of the Miss USA pageant got pissed off at judge Heather Mills because she threw a hissy fit over her contract and the script. Beyoncé may become a talent scout for Jay-Z’s new label after she records her last album. Samantha Ronson has practically moved in with Lindsay Lohan in order to keep an eye on her. Patrick Dempsey says his wife laughs at him for wearing spandex while bike-riding. Liz Smith issued a cryptic vote of support for Katie Couric, claiming “there’s a lot to this story we haven’t heard yet.”

Alex P. Keaton May Have Made a Sex Tape