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Back in June of 2005, Richard Rys of Philadelphia magazine* did a funny little Q&A with Adam McKay, a good friend of 30 Rock’s Tina Fey (they were in Second City together, and McKay hired her on Saturday Night Live) and the creator of Will Ferrell vehicles Talledega Nights and Anchorman. Rys mentioned that he’d heard that Talledega Nights had been pitched in six words: “Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver” and comes up with a few short pitches to run by McKay. One of them was apparently really good!

EI: I’ve got a few pitches to run by you. Feel free to move on these.

AM: I’ve got two lines on the phone, so if one’s really cooking, I’m going to make it happen.

EI: Will Ferrell as an easy-listening DJ whose station flips to urban format.

AM: [laughs] There’s a restaurant called Earth, Wind and Flower. We used to joke that that’s a movie pitch, and that’s what this movie would be called. You could actually sell that idea.

EI: That’s kinda sad.

AM: It is. You could sell that. In fact, someone’s going to read this and go, “I will buy that idea.”

EI: Well, on the record, they need to talk to both of us first.

AM: God bless you.

EI: Will Ferrell as the Mr. Roarke figure in a new reality show called MILF Lagoon.

AM: Where did this word “MILF” come from?

EI: Um, since this interview is unrated, I guess I can just say it means a “Mom I’d like to [have relations with].”

AM: I think it does. “Mom I’d like to [have relations with].” I like the first idea. The first one’s actually working.

EI: I’ll have my people, which is me, talk to your people.

Probably a total coincidence but still. Look out for Earth, Wind and Flower, coming soon to a multiplex near you!

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*Where one-half on Intel once worked.

All Comedy Is Theft