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Ally Hilfiger and Izzy Gold Are the New Cultural Icons


Photo: Patrick McMullan

We really can’t get enough of Ally Hilfiger and her arm-candy art-project-collaboration partner Izzy Gold. They’re practically, like, the new Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley! Think about it: They’re platonic friends who run with a circle of well-known New York creative types — actress and socialite Leven Rambin, Liam McMullan (the son of Patrick), and Brad Leinhardt (who once dated Olivia Palermo) are among their closest friends — who, in between glamorous parties, inject incomparable bons mots into the atmosphere that sum up the worldview of an entire generation. Like when Ally told us that her generation was “kind of like our parents generation, but with ADD.” So simple, yet so true! In today’s Observer, Leinhardt makes the following observation about the pair: “The difference between Gen Y and Gen X is that you used to have to have a talent to become famous,” he says. “But now you can just be famous if people can relate to you.” Wow. Could Leinhardt maybe be the new George Kaufman?

Call Him Goldfinger [NYO]

Ally Hilfiger and Izzy Gold Are the New Cultural Icons