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Annie Leibovitz Still on the Trail With Obama

Obama/Annie Liebowitz

Photo Courtesy Open All Night

Once again shutterbug Annie Leibovitz has been spotted taking candid photos of presidential hopeful Barack Obama. She told the Associated Press in March that she was following him around on behalf of Men’s Vogue, but she already shot a pictorial of him for the magazine in the fall of 2006. Now, we know Anna Wintour is pissed that Hillary Clinton dropped out of a shoot for sister publication Vogue last fall — but two spreads on her rival in two years? That just stings! Not to mention the fact that, with the magazine’s long lead time, the feature they’re planning won’t come out until a Democratic nominee has been all but chosen. Dispatching Annie to follow Obama (where we hear she gets top-notch access, over all the rest of his media pool) is all but a prediction from the Vogue camp that he’s going to walk away with it. You read it here first, people: Picky editors pick Obama!

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Annie Leibovitz Still on the Trail With Obama