A-Poe Is a Smash in Harlem

Amy Poehler

Photo: Getty Images

Amy Poehler has a very large fan base in Harlem, because she passed out hand-drawn head shots. Karl Rove had lunch at Michael’s, as did Kerry Kennedy, Steve Rattner, and mayoral girlfriend Diana Taylor. A doorman at the Box is being accused of being a drug dealer and a two-time rapist in a flyer-based smear campaign. Radio shock jock Gregg “Opie” Hughes is understandably not happy that his fiancée Lindsay once made a sex tape with Bam Margera. John Legend and sometime Today-show host Maria Menounous had a romantic dinner at the Carlyle.

Bill Clinton and Rachael Ray are hosting a dinner together in the Barbuto space on Monday. Norman Mailer’s former mistress Carole Mallory sold a bunch of letters detailing her sex life with the writer to Harvard. Jenna Bush says her mom has no presidential aspirations of her own. Helen Hunt says the fact that she and Matthew Broderick used to date helped make their sex scenes in Then She Found Me less awkward. Colm Banfield, the mixologist at Telephone Bar, ran the Boston marathon in three and a half hours. Comic Kathy Najimy embarrassed herself by dancing like an idiot atop a table at Butter. Drew Barrymore blabbed on her cell phone that she can’t meet quality people. Barbra Streisand is maybe not attending Israel’s 60th-anniversary celebration because George Bush is scheduled to attend as well. Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson got married on April 12. O.J. Simpson asked Donald Trump if he could appear on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, and Trump and NBC are supposedly thinking about it. (Cindy Adams also says there are a dozen books about O.J. currently being shopped.)

A-Poe Is a Smash in Harlem