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Ashley Dupré Comes Back Swinging

Eliot Spitzer Hooker


As Eliot Spitzer remains out of the public eye, Ashley Dupré seems to be testing the waters for an awesome comeback. We learned late yesterday that she is suing Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild videos, for $10 million dollars. Not for defamation or anything — but for getting her drunk and videotaping her topless before she was 18. “[She] did not understand the magnitude of her actions [or] that her image and likeness would be displayed in videos and DVDs,” the suit says. It was filed by her lawyer, Richard Wolfe, from whom we expect big things. We’ll certainly buy the fact that she didn’t understand the magnitude of her actions — this is a lady who didn’t realize she was sleeping with the governor of New York State until their final, fateful rendezvous. But really? She didn’t want people to pay for the chance to see her frolic around naked? She would go on to make that her career. Let’s have some consistency, Ashley.


Ashley Dupré Comes Back Swinging