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Barry Diller and Tina Brown Team Up to Create Aggregator Website

Barry Diller and Tina Brown

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Now that Barry Diller has successfully fought off John Malone and is (for now) still in control of his InterActiveCorp, news has trickled out about a new project he’s planning. He’ll team up with Tina Brown, the media maven and former New Yorker and Vanity Fair editor, to create an online-news aggregator not unlike the Huffington Post, reports Radar. The site, Brown assures, will not be a competitor to her friend Arianna Huffington’s massively successful liberal-blog empire, though. It will have “no ideological stance,” but will be a “new take on an aggregator Website.” (One can only wonder how Brown will have the time to manage this and her massive upcoming tome, The Clinton Chronicles.) It will be edited by the former Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor Ed Felsenthal and, from the whispers we here at Intel have heard, will also include input by legendary (non-Internet) voices like Salman Rushdie. Since these days Diller really needs a home run for his beleaguered IAC, we’re rooting for him. But one question: Didn’t already snap up the aging-blonde-trying-to-get-in-on-the-Internet opportunity window?

Tina Brown to Partner With Barry Diller on News Aggregation Site [Radar]

Barry Diller and Tina Brown Team Up to Create Aggregator Website