Be Prepared to Learn More About the Taleses Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Gay and Nan Talese

Photo: Getty Images

Gay Talese says the secret to marriage (he’s a 50-year veteran) is to treat it like a friendship you can’t live without, not about sex. He’s writing a book about his own marriage to Nan Talese. Mariah Carey refused to have her photo taken at the premiere of her Tennessee without wearing sunglasses. Steve Guttenberg partied with a table of hot girls and smoked something that may or may not have been pot at Suzy Wong’s. Christopher Hitchens always makes sure to specify the brand of booze he orders at a bar because he’s afraid of being served swill. Donald Trump’s partner in his planned restaurant in the Trump Soho is a German real-estate tycoon who was busted fondling a 13-year-old boy and who has been accused of rape. Sally Quinn hosted a brunch for Katie Couric on Sunday in Washington to “cheer her up.”

Barbara Walters writes in her new memoir that she was once compared to a Radio City Rockette when she started out. Tracy Ullman makes fun of a lot of celebrities on her Showtime show, but they pretend not to mind. The French are in a tizzy because the country’s entry for the annual Eurovision Song Contest contains lyrics in English. Elite modeling agency is opening an office in Utah because the girls there are wholesome and the air does good things for their skin. Ludacris showed up late to a benefit at the Polo store in Atlanta because he had lipstick on his collar and had to wait for a store attendant to run in and get him another shirt. Jason Segel made out with The Young and Restless starlet Adrienne Frantz at Bar Marmont in L.A. Kristen Bell says she’s kept her Catholic-schoolgirl uniform so she can wear it on her wedding night. Canadian Pamela Anderson is now officially an American citizen. Former Cybill star Christine Baranski is okay with the fact that she’s 57. Sean Penn showed up to the Coachella festival in a biodiesel caravan and was booed. UFC champ Chuck Liddell playfully knocked a drunk fan to the ground at a party in Malibu. Keri Russell and her son took the red-eye from JFK to LAX (coach!). Julia Roberts and her husband drank margaritas at Jane.

Be Prepared to Learn More About the Taleses Than You Ever Wanted to Know