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Brian Williams Will Be Your Anchorblogger Tonight


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Brian Williams is getting all up in your space. America’s favorite anchorboyman has taken out a fun and fearless MySpace page. It automatically plays Gnarls Barkley. His profile reveals that he’s a Taurus (stubborn, stable — but you already knew that). His current music picks includes “Oxford Comma” — and even Brian has fallen for Vampire Weekend. Adorbs! Sadly, he’s less forthcoming on other subjects. Under movies, he writes “all the time” and for books he only says “often.” (But what did you think of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Bri Guy??) Yet he does have a lot to say on the subject of New York City trains. In a blog post titled “Insult to Injury,” he goes off on an enjoyable rant about Amtrak. We totally related, except for the part where he talks about taking the Acela. So fancy!

He writes:

Upon arriving in New York on the Acela train yesterday, we exited on to the dank, dark train platform, and passed by no fewer than four idle, frozen escalators for the long trek to the main level to the station. It was like a scene from “The Land That Time Forgot.” It is a daily reality for millions of daily commuters. I watched as senior citizens, laden with luggage, hoisted it up the long flight of stairs, some of them pausing to rest and catch their breath on the landing or with each individual step.

Williams writes that, while a few New Yorkers are pushing this issue, “it is much easier to get up each day and put up with it and pretend not to notice.” So true! You know, we’ve always thought that trains are like spouses. In the beginning there’s a certain novelty and comfort, but then they get old, start breaking down, and eventually you can no longer muster the energy and just stop riding them. But on the plus side, you’re home to watch the Nightly News together. That 55-and-over demographic doesn’t come from nowhere, you know! —Noelle Hancock

Brian Williams [MySpace]

Brian Williams Will Be Your Anchorblogger Tonight