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But Of Course Silda Knew About Zee Hookers!


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Oh la la! Yesterday’s sighting of Silda Spitzer in a patterned scarf clearly got the Post all worked up, and now today they’re trying to tell us that Silda’s attitude toward marriage is actually as Gallic as her accessories. According to “a reliable source” which we can only assume in this case is David Paterson, Silda knew all about her husband’s taste for hookers but “looked the other way.” “He said something like, ‘My [bleep]ing wife doesn’t care, so why does anybody else care?’” the source tells the Post. Ha! He’s playing the made-up dialogue game, just like we do. Okay, our turn: After that Silda would have said something like, “Zee men always cheat. It eez only normale. What Eliot and I have eez essential love. Have you never read the Second Sex? Eet will explain all.”

Silda Knew of Hookers [NYP]

But Of Course Silda Knew About Zee Hookers!