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‘CBS Evening News’ Sinks to New Depths

Katie Couric

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Ratings for CBS Evening News hit a new low last week, pulling in only 5.34 million total viewers. To give you some perspective on this, that was a season low for American Inventor last year.

Of course everyone is pointing to Katie Couric as the fat kid on this sinking inflatable raft, dragging the whole enterprise down with her into the tempestuous nightly-news seas. Who won the week? America’s golden son, Brian Williams, of course. You, your mother, and your grandmother all love his dimples, apparently. NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams won the week, and both ABC and NBC tied in the highly coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic. Couric had better invent a way to bring in more viewers soon, or no matter what Les Moonves says, she’s not long for this rodeo.

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‘CBS Evening News’ Sinks to New Depths