Celebrities’ Advice for the Pope


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At the exact moment that you are getting tired of all of the coverage of the Pope’s trip to America, His Holiness is getting ready to come to New York City. He’ll touch down at JFK at 9:30 tomorrow morning, stopping by the U.N., getting lunch at Michael’s, visiting some churches and synagogues, and preparing for masses at St. Patrick’s and Yankee Stadium on Saturday and Sunday. Okay, so he’s not really going to get lunch at Michael’s, but he’ll be surrounded by luminaries nonetheless. Speaking of which, we asked everyone we ran into this week about how they would spruce up the Pope’s schedule this weekend. If you were driving the Popemobile, where would you take it?

Amy Sacco: “I think he should come down to Bungalow because sin is in, and I’d take his confession.”
Susan Sarandon: “I think the Pope should visit some of the families that have lost kid in Iraq and then maybe he would be more outspoken about the war.”
Carson Kressley: “He should totally go to the Prada store on Fifth Avenue, ‘cause he’s a big Prada fan — he wears their shoes and, who knows, maybe he has a whole Prada outfit underneath that getup. He should see the Statue of Liberty, go to Bergdorf Goodman and Century 21 in case times are tough, he can get some discount Pradas. I think the top of the Empire State Building. And then to Splash … It’s a gay bar, Just to widen his reach … I think he’d love it. Even the Pope loves disco, I’m sure.”

Tom Wolfe: “St. Patrick’s, St. Patrick’s, and St. Patrick’s.”
Evan Rachel Wood: “I’d take him to a karaoke bar and make him sing Joan Osborne’s “[What If God Was] One of Us,” and I’d take photos, and I’d wake up really hung-over the next morning and go, ‘Did I just karaoke with the Pope last night?’”
Kelsey Grammer: “There used to be this thing called the architectural cultural tour of New York City where you could take little tours of little places. I would recommend that.”
Emmy Rossum: “A hot-dog stand on 42nd Street. You can’t do New York without a hot-dog stand.”
Andrew McCarthy: “The Circle Line, put him out there on a boat. I think it would be good.” —Fiona Byrne and Tim Murphy

Celebrities’ Advice for the Pope