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Crawford Says ‘L8r’ to Underwood, Moves On to Trachtenberg?

Chace Crawford

Photo: Getty Images

Did you know there are only thirteen more days until the return of the Greatest Show of Our Time? No? HAVE WE TAUGHT YOU NOTHING? If you didn’t have the date of the first new Gossip Girl episode since winter circled in red on your calendar, you must have at least noticed the drumroll of items in the tabloids and on blogs lately. Practically every day now there’s something about Chace Crawford — he’s not gay, he’s not dating Carrie Underwood… We loved it yesterday, for example, when we learned that he and the American Idol winner broke up over text messages. “We’re both fine,” Underwood told Extra. “It’s like ‘peace out.’” But lest you worry that this was Chace’s last moment in the sun, “Page Six” has something new for you today: He’s on the rebound. With new co-star Michelle Trachtenberg! The pair were at Upstairs in Soho, “flirting heavily” this weekend. It sounds like canoodling may have even been involved. Welcome to the show, Michelle! Looks like you’ll fit right in.


Crawford Says ‘L8r’ to Underwood, Moves On to Trachtenberg?