Chloë Sevigny Down! We Repeat, Chloë Sevigny Down!

Chloe Sevigny

Photo: Getty Images

Chloë Sevigny was supposed to host a party for Nylon but collapsed en route owing to what her rep calls a “viral infection.” Restaurateur Nello Ballan is planning on opening a hotel-restaurant in Greenport, Long Island. Heather Mills is hunting for an apartment in New York City. While wearing a wig. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson showed up at a club in Chelsea to film cameo spots in a new N.E.R.D. song, but they missed a fight that broke out between two extras over a woman. Salman Rushdie was overheard saying that if he could vote, he’d vote for Barack Obama. Katherine Waterson, daughter of Law & Order’s Sam Waterson, is playing a woman who starts a call-girl service for married men in an upcoming movie. Fashion scribe Peter Davis is actively campaigning to win the Observer’s “Socialite Slapdown” game, which is kind of embarrassing.

Christopher Walken, Lorne Michaels, and six SNL cast members checked out a Yankees game. Scott Storch had a tough time getting into a club in Miami but eventually made it inside. Tracy Morgan plays an adult-film star in the upcoming Deep in the Valley. Travis Barker’s ex, Shanna Moakler, is dating Jenna Jameson’s ex, Jay Grdina. Oprah Winfrey is throwing Maya Angelou a three-day party in Palm Beach for her 80th birthday. Mick Jagger wore Nike platform shoes and extra thick socks and had girlfriend L’Wren Scott bend at the knees in photos so he wouldn’t look so short. Tom Cruise is not thrilled that a highly potent strain of marijuana dubbed “Tom Cruise Purple” is being sold in Cannabis clubs in Northern California. Mena Suvari took a lot of swag from a party in Miami but refused to have her photo taken with it. Zac Posen is going to launch a fragrance. Harvey Weinstein is trying to find Norah Jones a musical project to star in. Carmen Electra tells Cindy Adams that her first acting job was playing the girl who the magician saws in half.

Chloë Sevigny Down! We Repeat, Chloë Sevigny Down!