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Clinton and McCain to Appear Side by Side on MLK Panel

Hillary Clinton and John McCain

The pair together in January of last year. See, they kind of do go together!Photo: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton will achieve a much-needed photo op with John McCain next week, reports Newsweek. They’ll both be participating in a NBC News forum tomorrow in Memphis to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. No word yet on whether Obama will participate (his schedule is still open). A photo of McCain and Clinton together, joking around and acting chummy in the way they are wont to do when they are together, might do Clinton a world of good in terms of public perception. It was just over six months ago that she was the presumptive nominee, and part of her strategy was to frame the competition for the presidency as one between her and Rudy Giuliani. Since that has all fallen apart, any opportunity to make voters think of her and McCain (the actual GOP candidate) as a pair is bound to help her out. They sort of make sense together visually, in a way that Obama and McCain do not (because they’re short, you jerks). We just have to wonder — what’s in it for McCain?

Clinton and McCain Set to Share the Stage Tomorrow in Memphis. Will Obama Join Them? [Stumper/Newsweek]

Clinton and McCain to Appear Side by Side on MLK Panel