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Clinton and Obama Finally Throw Down With WWE

Gosh bless the WWE. In the above clip from Raw, the fantasies of many Americans are played out, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (well, their doppelgängers, really) finally get it over with and beat the piss out of one another in the ring. It’s surprisingly funny and relevant for the wrestling organization, whose last effort at widespread notoriety included trying to get Donald Trump to shave his head. The match was also conducted with the encouragement of Clinton and Obama themselves (and with that of John McCain, who of course loves the ongoing smackdown between the other two, whether it’s in real life or just pretend). All three submitted awkward, pretaped appearances which were either awesome or awesomely depressing, depending on how you look at it. Listening to them is like being a kid at Thanksgiving dinner and sitting next to Uncle Harry while he tries out phrases like “OMG, girlfriend” to prove that he’s still down. The videos and the most uncomfortable lines of the night after the jump…

Hillary — Most Painful Phrase: “Hi, I’m Hillary Clinton, but tonight in honor of the WWE, you can call me HillRod.”

Obama — Most Painful Phrase: “Do you smell what Barack is cooking?”

McCain — Most Painful Phrase: “Whatcha gonna do when John McCain and all his McCainiacs run wild on you?”

Do you get the feeling that the writers over at Saturday Night Live are collapsing into sobs and throwing up their hands, shouting, “I can’t compete with this!”? —Noelle Hancock

Clinton and Obama Finally Throw Down With WWE