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Columbia Students Unimpressed With Obama Girl Lecture … and Outfit

Obama Girl at Columbia

Obama Girl and some Columbia hottie.Photo Pierce Stanley for the Bwog

Yesterday a Columbia class on the American presidency was visited by a very special and sexy guest. Professor David Eisenbach, who was Mike Gravel’s communications director, brought in that venerable icon of female voting empowerment, Obama Girl. And judging by the response on the Bwog, the popular campus news feed, Columbians were not impressed. “It sparked much controversy as to whether a minor actress (who doesn’t even do her own singing, failed to vote in the last election, and claims that she does not even really have a crush on one of Columbia’s favorite alums) should receive such a reception in the hallowed halls of the classroom,” wrote bwogger Pierce Stanley. Apparently Obama Girl (a.k.a. Amber Lee Ettinger) didn’t speak much, but her colleague Ben Relles, who founded their site, was an eloquent speaker. Still, despite their skepticism, after the event many Ivy Leaguers lined up to take their picture with ol’ OG. “Are we really paying $40,000 plus a year to line up and take pictures with her like she’s Santa?” asked one incredulous smart kid. “I feel like a five-year-old kid again.” The commenters on the Bwog were similarly appalled by her lowbrow appearance in one of their vaunted classrooms. “Her outfit is hideous,” wrote one. “You can’t wear a sack without a belt.” “Maybe she’s preggers?” asked another. “She should have come wearing the same attire that she wore in the Obama flick,” added yet a third. “Someone hasn’t watched enough What Not to Wear,” cackled a fourth. Yes, yes, yes. Obama Girl clearly has no place at Columbia, among such elevated dialogue as this.

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Columbia Students Unimpressed With Obama Girl Lecture … and Outfit