Daily Intel Welcomes a Temporary New Editor. No Yogurt-Throwing, Please

Noelle Hancock

Photo Courtesy Noelle Hancock

Dear Readers,

Allow me to take a brief moment off from using the Daily Intel royal “we,” which is usually appropriate because this blog is written by a princess and a queen. I have some news to report. The female half of your editing duo, Jessica Pressler, will be taking a few weeks off. No, she was not sent off to the blog asylum after the joy of Gossip Girl’s return rent her poor little non–Upper East Side brain in two. In fact, it’s great news: She’s getting married! To a wonderful, soon-to-be-very-important author. Subsequently, as I hear you straights are wont to do, she’s going on a honeymoon. This is obviously very damaging to me, for what is a ‘mo without his ho?

Fortunately, I have an excellent substitute coming in. You may have noticed Noelle Hancock’s byline on a couple of posts this morning — she’ll be joining me on Intel until Pressler’s return. You might know Hancock from her days as’s resident squirrel-bite survivor, or her days at the Observer and I’ve known Noelle since I sat next to her at a Yale Daily News banquet in 2001 and spent the whole evening sharing a flask and trading vomit stories (it was then that she introduced me to the greatest action photo of all time). Lest you think that this is a terrible example of Old Boy cronyism, college buddy hiring college buddy, let me point out that every single other YDN alum our age working in journalism right now is more successful than Noelle and I are. So eat it.

Everyone, please welcome Noelle. Advice, warnings, and Gossip Girl spoilers may be left in the comments section.


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Daily Intel Welcomes a Temporary New Editor. No Yogurt-Throwing, Please