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Damn You, Eli Manning, for Getting Married

Eli Manning Ally McGrew

Must. Kill. Natural. Blonde.Photo: Getty Images

We always knew in our heads that boyishly handsome, Super Bowl–owning Giants quarterback Eli Manning would get married. After all, he’s been together with his gorgeous blonde sweetheart, Ally McGrew, since they met in college. But deep down in our hearts, we were kind of in denial. It’s bad enough that we have to see Gisele Bündchen carrying around a giant Tiffany diamond and Tom Brady’s illegitimate baby. Of course they were going to stick together and go on to produce a superrace. But Eli? Eli was supposed to be within reach for us. Eli was supposed to give hope that sports heroes could be just like everybody else. Eli was supposed to stay single — that is, until the day his eyes met ours across the crowded floor at Hogs ‘n’ Heifers, and everything changed … But NO. He had to go down to Cabo San Lucas this week, like every other damn celebrity, and get ready to marry McGrew. Couldn’t you just blow chunks? The Daily News’ Jo Piazza reports that they’ll tie the knot this weekend at the One&Only resort. And what about the rest of us, Eli? Who gets to be our one and only?

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Damn You, Eli Manning, for Getting Married