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Democrats to Presidency: Smell Ya Later!

Barack Obama

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Hillary Clinton sailed to victory last night in Pennsylvania, trouncing Barack Obama by ten points just under nine points and earning enough voter cred to stay in the race for a few more weeks, or perhaps even until the convention. Though she only scored 82 regular delegates to Obama’s 69 and still trails him by roughly 126, according to CBS, it was a compelling enough to heartily encourage Hillary supporters, especially after Obama vastly outspent her in the state. At left, Obama boards a plane to Indiana, tail between his legs. The next contests there and in North Carolina are in two weeks, which gives John McCain yet another advantage as he builds his national campaign and lets Democrats tear one another apart. Speaking of which, we’re not sure how the heck the two of them are holding up, because we know we certainly can’t deal with it anymore.

Clinton Outduels Obama in Primary [NYT]

Democrats to Presidency: Smell Ya Later!