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Denise Rich’s Wedding Singing Can Move Almost Anyone to Tears

Denise Rich

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So, we’re not quite over Ivana Trump’s wedding. It was clearly the biggest, breastest party of the month. So last night, we were delighted to run into Denise Rich, who was a bridesmaid, at the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List party at Mansion. “We could all choose our own dresses, and [Ivana] gave us pearls and earrings to wear during the ceremony,” Rich explained. No small gift, considering the fact that there were 25 of the girls ladies. “And then afterwards we could wear our own jewelry.” Thank goodness. What’s the best time to show off your own flashy jewelry if not at the wedding of your close friend? Rich told us she also sang her song, “You Only Go Around Once.” “I sang it at my daughter’s wedding. I sing it at everybody’s wedding,” she said. “Even the D.J. was crying.” Wait, she made a wedding D.J. cry? We say this without any trace of irony: We just did not think that was possible. We kind of thought it was like trying to get a pig to sweat: a biological impossibility. If he cried, everybody must have cried. Even The Donald! “Um,” she paused, when we asked her about Ivana’s famous ex. “When I saw him, he wasn’t crying.” We think we’ve learned an important lesson today. —Bennett Marcus

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Denise Rich’s Wedding Singing Can Move Almost Anyone to Tears