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Elizabeth Edwards Responds to John Heilemann

Elizabeth Edwards

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Every once in a while, a high-profile figure will respond to something you wrote about them in a public fashion. What we like to do in these situations (like when Anderson Cooper mentions people appreciating his biceps) is pretend that we are basically friends with that person. And there’s no one we’d like to be friends with more than Elizabeth Edwards, ever since she called up Ann Coulter and bitched her out on live television. So obviously we are choosing to live vicariously through New York columnist John Heilemann, whose column in this week’s magazine mentioned Edwards and her distaste for Barack Obama’s health-care plan. The article also mentioned that Obama was brusque with the Edwardses during health-care discussions. Today on Morning Joe, Edwards told Joe Scarborough that, though she indeed doesn’t like Obama’s plan, she “did not find him condescending.” In fact, she explained, “he was charming.” Left notably unaddressed, of course, was the Heilemann-raised issue that Elizabeth Edwards openly loathes Hillary Clinton (whose health-care plan she approves), which may explain why the Edwards family hasn’t made an endorsement.

Elizabeth Edwards: Favors Clinton’s Health Plan, Says Obama’s ‘Not Universal,’ Slams McCain’s As Ineffective [HuffPo]
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Elizabeth Edwards Responds to John Heilemann