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Felix Dennis to Journalism Student: ‘You’re Hung Like a Horse!’

Felix Dennis

Photo: AP

During last night’s lecture at the Columbia Journalism School, Felix Dennis predictably tried to laugh off his recent admission that he once killed a man. “Look, I’ve got a lot of books to sell, you understand?” Also, it was April Fools’ Day! Ha-ha! (Never mind the fact that he had made the admission in an interview done weeks earlier.) Then, in classic Dennis form, he tried to bury the moment with a whole bunch of other ridiculousness. Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici was there and witnessed Dennis tell a student that he was “young, handsome and hung like a horse.” We’re sure the student was delighted by the compliment. Dennis also said he was “Britain’s best-selling poet,” and that the readers of his magazines like Maxim, who made him a billionaire and very powerful man, are “idiots.” “The world is made up of dummies,” he warned. “Have you grasped the concept yet? The guy driving the bus is a dummy.” We’re beginning to realize, Felix…

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Felix Dennis to Journalism Student: ‘You’re Hung Like a Horse!’