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Foxy Gets Out of the Hole!

Foxy Brown

Photo: Getty Images

It’s the big day! The big, important special day in which we welcome a very special person back into our lives! No, we’re not talking about the Pope. Foxy Brown, a.k.a. Inga Marchand, will be released from prison today. Foxy’s been in the can since September on charges stemming from an assault on a nail-salon worker, despite the fact that she came up with every excuse in the book to get out of it: First she was pregnant, then, briefly, she was deaf, then whilst in the clink she was attacked by other prisoners and put in solitary. Apparently now she’s in fine fettle, though, or in fine enough fettle that immediately upon her release today she’ll begin filming a reality show about her return to “normal” life, to air this fall on VH-1. First stop? We suggest a post-jail manicure! Let’s just hope the smell of soldering acrylic doesn’t bring the old beast back out…

Foxy Wants Fans to Greet Her Outside Prison [ABC]

Foxy Gets Out of the Hole!