Frank Gehry: Why Do I Have to Be the One to Lie to the Papers?


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Frank Gehry is cross about scurrilous rumors that Miss Brooklyn, the skinny glass office tower he designed for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards, will not be erected as planned, owing to Ratner’s inability to get a tenant. Hogwash!, the architect told the Brooklyn Paper last night at the gala for the opening of the Murakami, exhibit, where Ratner was receiving an award. The design is “better than ever,” the architect boasted. “It will look better than anyone imagines … we’ve made some adjustments that people will absolutely love.” But wait: Didn’t Ratner just say tell the Times a couple of weeks ago that the weakened economy means that construction on the tower would likely be stalled indefinitely? Er, yeah, Gehry admitted but then waved it off: “Bruce will have a tenant soon — and then he’ll begin construction,” he said confidently. But then he seemed to quaver. “He really does want to build it,” he said of Ratner. “But he can’t get the financing. I don’t know why he would tell the papers that, but it is true.”

Gehry to Brooklyn Paper: Miss Brooklyn ain’t dead — in fact, she’s hotter than ever [Brooklyn Paper]

Frank Gehry: Why Do I Have to Be the One to Lie to the Papers?