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‘Gossip Girl’: It’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!


We got an exclusive photo from the set! Photo: Jessica Dimmock

Have you heard the devastating news? The CW will no longer allow us to stream full episodes of Gossip Girl for free from its Website. What a terrible loss! We had so enjoyed that video: how it would sometimes stop mid-episode while the gray “loading” line inched ever so slowly across the bottom of the screen. It gave us time to contemplate the episode, to absorb the characters nuances and allow finer points of the plot sink in (wait, Blair really let herself get touched by Chuck’s chest hair?). But, sigh, now we’ll have to either watch it in real time, or DVR it, or TiVo it, or pay $1.99 on iTunes for it which, considering it’s the greatest show in the world ever, isn’t very much, you cheap fucking bastards. Ahem. Anyway. The point is, Gossip Girl re-premieres, airing for the first time after the writers’ strike, on Monday, and, well, you can pretty much expect Daily Intel to be all Gossip Girl all the time leading up to the big event and the revival of our recap Tuesday morning. We’re going all out, folks. Seriously. Chris is down at the civil courthouse changing his name to Blair Waldorf right this very minute, and Jessica’s got fourteen new headbands and a box of tongue depressors at the ready.

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‘Gossip Girl’: It’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!