Graydon Goes on the Model Diet

Graydon Carter

Photo: Getty Images

Liz Smith claims Graydon Carter is smoking again. (He also says he’s now drinking “organic vodka” to be more green.) Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick got wasted at the Beatrice Inn, flirted with a lot of girls, and told the D.J. his band was better than all American bands. God bless you, Chuck. Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder made out during dinner at the Waverly Inn. Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko and his lunching partner gave up their table at Michael’s so Renée Zellweger could be seated. Katie Couric admitted that she plagiarized a poem in grade school.

Bobby Brown blames ex-wife Whitney Houston for his cocaine addiction in his upcoming autobiography. Universal is worried about its record deal with Lindsay Lohan because she’s being difficult about scheduling and already canceling meetings with producer Timbaland. CAA heads Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd may file a lawsuit against Michael Ovitz for using Anthony Pellicano to spy on them. Steve-O of Jackass fame has been in rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction for the past month after Johnny Knoxville & Co. staged an intervention. Madonna bought 100 copies of her Vanity Fair cover at a newsstand in Los Angeles, signed them, and gave them out at a local Kabbalah center. Freshly rehabbed Kirsten Dunst is looking for an architect to redo her $3 million Tribeca penthouse. Chelsea Handler says that sex with her much-older boyfriend (and E! president) Ted Harbert is great because “he knows what he’s doing.” The two guys who helm Two and a Half Men wrote an episode of CSI that is a thinly veiled attack on Cybill Shepherd, whom they once worked for and hated. Brad Pitt is on hiatus with his longtime publicist because he doesn’t want to deal with the media anymore. Jeremy Irons claimed that director Franco Zeffirelli slept with six dogs and once asked him when he was coming out of the closet. Laguna Beach “star” Jason Wahler has a reality show coming out on VH1. Helen Mirren is in favor of legal prostitution because she thinks it’s cleaner. Shia LaBeouf rocked a baseball hat and a bushy beard at Butter on Monday. Eva Longoria tells Cindy Adams that she “learned not to depend on anything superficial” because she grew up ugly.

Graydon Goes on the Model Diet