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Hathaello Has Another Bad Day


Jeepers, Raff, look alive! You’re a lucky bastard.Photo: Getty Images

Just after a court judgment against Raffaello Follieri in the matter of $250,000 he owed a PR company, today we learn that the cops hunted him down and hauled him in yesterday over a bounced $215,000 check. The man half of Hathaello wrote the check to a New Jersey businessman for undisclosed services, but when it was cashed, his account had only $39.08 in it (stars, they’re just like us!). Apparently the cops stopped by girlfriend Anne Hathaway’s house earlier in the week looking for him, and she promptly broke down in tears. Of course, getting questioned by police is scary enough in any situation. But we have to wonder whether Anne’s distress was also related to her final realization that maybe, just maybe, despite all his protestations of innocence in all his legal losses and public humiliations, her boyfriend just isn’t that great of a businessperson.


Hathaello Has Another Bad Day