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It’s Official: Basketball Fans Hate Our Hometown Team


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Not that you didn’t already know that the Knicks were absolutely, positively the worst team in the history of professional sports, but a new ESPN survey has reconfirmed it, this time statistically. The network’s magazine surveyed 80,000 sports fans about a number of topics related to their fandom (ownership, affordability, coach), and out of 122 pro franchises, the Knicks not only came in 122nd, they did so with no uncertainty. They came in dead last in two categories (fan relations and players), in the bottom five in all but two, and in the bottom ten in all but one. The only exception to their ineptitude? They were ranked a still-lowly 95th in “Stadium Experience,” which is hilariously abbreviated “STD” on ESPN’s chart. Feel free to insert your own joke about Stephon Marbury’s truck in the comments. —Joe DeLessio

Ultimate Standings: Fan Satisfaction Rankings [ESPN]

It’s Official: Basketball Fans Hate Our Hometown Team