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Ivana Trump’s Wedding Marked by Boobs, Breasts

Ivana Trump Rossano

The happy couple. Photo: Getty Images

After Ivana Trump’s divorce from the Donald, she coined the phrase, “Don’t get mad, get everytiiing!” Back then, she got several million dollars, a couple of estates, and the partial use of Donald’s giant Mar-a-Lago complex in Palm Beach. She cashed in on those rights on Saturday, by throwing herself a massive wedding party for her nuptials with playboy Rossano Rubicondi. It sounds like it was the social event of the season the weekend! It was so exclusive that only one gossip columnist seems to have been invited, Ben Widdicombe from the Daily News. Other luminaries present included “Brigitte Nielsen, George Hamilton, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Robin Leach.” Oh, and the Donald himself, who left Melania upstairs at the house to come down and party. During his speech, Ivana’s son Donald Jr. warned Rubicondi: “We are a construction company and we have job sites, we lose people… You better treat her right, because I have a .45 and a shovel.” This confirmed something we’ve always suspected about the Trumps — that they are mobbed up that they are sometimes capable of actual humor, that isn’t outside the bounds of taste. Of course, this sense of surprise lasted only two sentences, until we read how he also spent some of his speech extolling the glories of his mother’s “great boobs.” And he wasn’t talking about Leach, Hamilton, or Nielsen.

Joke’s on Ivana’s New Husband [NYDN]

Ivana Trump’s Wedding Marked by Boobs, Breasts