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Jay-Z’s Record Deal Questioned on Happiest Day of His Life?


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A day after rapper Jay-Z’s record-breaking $150 million deal with concert promoters Live Nation, the Post and music-industry leaders are raining on his parade. The deal, some say, is “excessive” and could mean financial trouble for the company if they continue spending big bucks for huge-name artists. “We cannot figure out why Live Nation would pay $30 million more for Jay-Z,” one industry analyst said. “Particularly given his relative touring underperformance and lower-profile status vs. [U2 and Madonna, with whom the company made less expensive bargains].” Aw. Hova must have been bummed to read that kind of criticism. Especially on his wedding day. That’s right, the rapper whose prestige has been steadily declining over the last few years while he struggled with his CEO role at Def Jam is suddenly front-page material on all fronts! In the Daily News, Ben Widdicombe reports that friends of Jay (who is just getting going on his huge tour with Mary J. Blige) are being flown into the city for a mysterious posh gathering. Matthew Knowles, father of Jay’s girlfriend, Beyoncé, has also been trying to work out a deal with the celebrity weeklies for exclusives on the romantic nuptial pics, apparently. All of which made us realize something: How come nobody ever raps about weddings?

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Jay-Z’s Record Deal Questioned on Happiest Day of His Life?