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Jenna Bush Not Necessarily Voting for McCain (Gasp!)


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Is there a dissenter in the House of Bush? Last night on Larry King Live, the Suspendered One asked guests Laura and Jenna Bush whom they favor — Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Jenna revealed that she’s still not sure whom she’s voting for. It could even be — horrors — a Democrat. Naturally, when Laura Bush was asked which of the two Democratic candidates she prefers, her Cheney-powered shock collar went off and she blurted out “the Republican.” has the exchange:

KING: Do you have a favorite between the two, the two Democrats?

LAURA BUSH: My favorite is the Republican.

KING (pointing to Jenna): Yours too, I would imagine.

JENNA BUSH: I don’t know.

KING: A-ha! Are you open to…

JENNA BUSH: Yeah, of course. I mean, who isn’t open to learning about the candidates and I’m sure that everybody’s like that.

So she’s actually open to listening to all of the candidates? Well, this is a refreshing change from the giggly First Twins who once proclaimed to the world that they were “not very political.” Good for you, Jenna, for not only having your own opinion, but having the stones to admit it on national television during a crucial time in the presidential race. However, you might want to wait till Dad’s done paid for that wedding before you go running your mouth, little lady!

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Jenna Bush Not Necessarily Voting for McCain (Gasp!)