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Jennifer Lopez’s Twins May Not Be Touched by Angels After All

Max and Emme Anthony

Here at Daily Intel, we’ve been treating the arrival of Jennifer Lopez’s babies with the reverence due their holy stature. But now we’re beginning to question whether they were sent from heaven. Would Mohammed, for example, have agreed to star in a reality-TV show on TLC? Within six months of landing on earth? We hardly think so. And yet Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, have arranged for a documentary crew to follow them around as they raise their twins and juggle their important career responsibilities. Jennifer will be launching a perfume! How can you have twins and launch a perfume? (Wait, didn’t Britney Spears release a new scent while she was locked up in the loony bin? Isn’t a fragrance launch something that celebrities can do without even thinking about it — like having six-packs or supporting Barack Obama?)

Anyway, we digress. Max and Emme, we’re disappointed in you for selling out so early. Even your mom had to be a Fly Girl before she had her day in the sun. Though, to be fair, it may all just be a cry for help. Judging from the first pictures of the baby twins at the Lopez home in People magazine, we fear they may actually be in danger. There’s no way that much chintz and toile is baby-proof.

J.Lo to star with twins in new realty show at LI home [Real LI/Newsday]

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins May Not Be Touched by Angels After All