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Jerry Seinfeld Loses Funny in Car Accident


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Jerry Seinfeld valiantly attempted to come up with a joke for the Post about the car crash he got into when the brakes on his vintage Fiat failed Saturday, but it turns out that near-death experiences may not be so funny. “Because I know there are kids out there, I want to make sure they all know that driving without braking is not something I recommend, unless you have professional clown training or a comedy background, as I do,” Seinfeld explained. “It is not something I plan to make a habit of.” Clearly disappointed, the Post then tried to resuscitate Seinfeld’s old jokes, noting that the comedian reportedly owns 47 Porsches (none of them “ever belonged to actor Jon Voight”) but he has always used the Fiat to get around — “not that there’s anything wrong with that,” the Post quips. Except for the brakes, we guess.

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Jerry Seinfeld Loses Funny in Car Accident