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JPMorgan’s Up, GE’s Down, and Google’s Still Up in the Air

• Perhaps Nike should consider sponsoring Jamie Dimon: He just did it again. After JPMorgan Chase reported its first-quarter earnings of $2.37 billion, a 50 percent drop from this time last year, a rally sent the bank’s stocks soaring by 6.7 percent. [NYP]
• Meanwhile, Google has to report its first-quarter earnings today, and analysts on the Street are worried that the search giant will fall short of its forecasts. [NYP]
• After General Electric’s earnings shortfall last week, Wall Street’s patience with the conglomerate and its chief, Jeffrey Immelt, is running thin, and calls for the business to be broken up are turning into a chorus. “There’s a point in time when you say this is a big old monster, and parts could be better off on their own,” one investor says. [DealBook/NYT]

• When Katie Couric left the Peacock for CBS, Tom Brokaw told her she was diving off the high board. And as Couric seems to have found out, evening anchoring really is a swim-or-sink gig. [Boston Herald]
CNN apologizes to China over “thugs and goons” comment. [Times UK]
• How clever. Thomson is rebranding. It will now be Thomson Reuters, which clearly incorporates its recent acquisition of the news service. [NYT]

• A judge rules that New York City restaurants with at least fifteen outlets nationwide must display their calorie counts alongside prices on their menus. [NYT]
• The Supreme Court ruled in favor of lethal injections yesterday, but Stevens said he’s decided that the whole death penalty is unconstitutional, a shift the Times called “a welcome surprise.” [NYT]
• Are smaller law firms benefiting from the economic crisis, too? []

• A manhole explosion near Park Avenue and 39th Street forced apartment buildings to be evacuated early this morning as high carbon-monoxide levels lingered in the area. [WNBC]
• And farther uptown, at 740 Park Avenue, a duplex is vacant, too. Rest in peace, dear June Speight, rest in peace. [Michael Gross]
• The real-estate world is full of turbulence, but the hospitality industry seems to be weathering the bumpy ride. [NYS]

JPMorgan’s Up, GE’s Down, and Google’s Still Up in the Air