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Katie Couric’s Last Stand

Katie Couric

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A Wall Street Journal article posted on their Website last night raises questions about whether Katie Couric will remain in the anchor seat at CBS News until the end of her contract in 2011. According to sources at the network and close to the former Today-show host, she may leave as early as January, after the presidential inauguration. CBS brass are facing pressure to cut costs, and Couric’s flagging ratings and $15 million paycheck make her a pretty good target. This morning’s reports are already filled with early obituaries and ruminations on what she will do next — the Journal’s Rebecca Dana suggested that CNN’s Larry King Live might be a good fit. But we think that’s a waste of everything that Couric is good at: spontaneity, humor, and legginess. What about a reality show? We can see it now — America’s Next Top Evening News Anchor. And just like on Tyra’s version, nobody would ever lay eyes on the winner again!

CBS News, Katie Couric Are Likely to Part Ways [WSJ]
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Katie Couric’s Last Stand