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Katie Lee Joel’s Man Loaf Is Really Amazing

Billy Lee

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Until today, there were four reasons that, despite our better judgment, we kind of loved Katie Lee Joel.
1. She is from West Virginia and met Billy Joel in a hotel lobby when she was 21 and he was 54 and got him to marry her. “We joke that he’s very immature for his age, because he has a job that has allowed him to be, and I am very mature for my age,” she once said. “So we sort of meet in the middle.”
2. She has stayed married him for five entire years, even though he has shown no real signs of dying any time soon.

3. Despite not having to work, she does anyway.
4. Even though she got replaced on Top Chef by that other lady who likes ‘em short, round, bald, and old, she has persevered with her dream of becoming a food star, lately with her new cookbook, The Comfort Table which she celebrated the release of the other night.

If this life trajectory does not embody the current version of the American Dream, we don’t know what does.

And then today, we discovered a fifth reason we love Katie Lee Joel. Apparently, she has created very special dish that she completely unselfconsciously calls “Man Loaf,” as though that is not the grossest name for a thing ever, and she talks about it all the time, most recently, “Page Six” tells us, to Beth Ostrovsky at her book party. “God, is it moist, too! That is really moist!” Oprah said, when Katie and Billy brought it on the show. We bet Billy got a chuckle out of that.

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Katie Lee Joel’s Man Loaf Is Really Amazing