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Laura Bush Can’t Get Enough of Those Harry Potter Books

Laura and Jenna Bush

Laura and Jenna Bush, not at the 92nd Street Y, but in a similarly lit situation.Photo: Getty Images

First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna popped by the 92nd Street Y yesterday to chat about Read All About It!, the new children’s book which they co-authored. (That’s right, it takes two Bush minds to collaborate on a children’s book.) More than 500 people showed up to witness this event and gave the mother and daughter a standing O upon entry. But awkwardness ensued when moderator and Vogue writer Julia Reed questioned Mrs. Bush about what’s on her bookshelf. According to the Times:

When asked about their favorite books, the first lady said, “That is really hard for a librarian to answer.” She did, at one point, declare a fondness for the “inventive” Harry Potter books. “All the things like riding around on brooms,” Mrs. Bush said, and added, “I do love mysteries.”

Anyone we can name?” Ms. Reed said. “Well, I do have to say I read the old classics,” Mrs. Bush replied.

First of all, that’s the kind of answer-dodging you get out of a complete illiterate. Just sayin’. Second, she likes mysteries and fantasies — two of the administration’s specialties! As for Read All About It!:

It centers around Tyrone, a class-clown type — “I rule the school … I’m king of the monkey bars” — who has lots of friends but doesn’t like to read.

One guess as to who provided the inspiration for this one. —Noelle Hancock

It Takes a Children’s Book for Bushes to Play the Y [NYT]

Laura Bush Can’t Get Enough of Those Harry Potter Books