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‘Law & Order’ to Make Jared Paul Stern a Blood-Stained Wretch

Mo Rocca Jared Paul Stern

Separated at funny accessories.Photo: Getty Images

The Daily News today revels a little bit in an upcoming Law & Order plotline that hits close to home. Turns out the next “ripped from the headlines” story will be based on the tale of Jared Paul Stern, the former “Page Six” columnist who allegedly shook down billionaire Ron Burkle in 2006. Stern denied the allegations and is currently suing Burkle and the Daily News itself for printing the story. So what happens to the Jared Paul Stern character on the show? Ben Widdicombe reports that the gossipmonger, who will be played by comedian Mo Rocca (so weirdly appropriate), will be killed by a car bomb. Um, whoa. That seems a little outlandish to us, but Stern says he thinks his own foes really would attempt such an assassination, “if they thought they could get away with it.” Really, Jared? Then why aren’t you in hiding?? Because in real life, just so you know, people get away with things way more frequently than they do on Law & Order. Just sayin’.

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‘Law & Order’ to Make Jared Paul Stern a Blood-Stained Wretch