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Lindsay Lohan, Bad Dancer?

Lindsay and Samantha

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A couple of People reporters spent a good portion of their Saturday evening stalking Lindsay Lohan at Hawaiian Tropic Zone, where her BFF Samantha Ronson was D.J.-ing. Their account of Lindsay’s every action is exhaustive (she smoked cigarettes, chatted with friends, drank Red Bull and Grey Goose, texted), but most compelling is their description of her dancing.

Lohan really got into the music, tossing her hair around and doing full body rolls Ô even throwing her hands in the air and singing along to Madonna’s new song “4 Minutes.” She also sang along and pumped her chest to “Soulja Boy.”

Full body rolls”? “Pumped her chest”? Um. Maybe People doesn’t want to say it straight out, or maybe they’re just using really weird language, but does it not sound like LiLo is kind of an Elaine Benes?

Lindsay and Samantha’s Night Out in NYC [People]

Lindsay Lohan, Bad Dancer?