Lydia Hearst Pimps Out Her Aspiring Singer Boyfriend!


Photo: Getty Images

Model Lydia Hearst has a shiny new musician boyfriend, and she wants everyone to come hear him sing tomorrow. Somewhat adorably, she’s using her star power to drum up interest in his album. Through her publicist, she sent an e-mail to friends and press today (with the somewhat suspicious opener “Hey you!!”) luring them with promises of photo ops and free copies of BlackBook magazine.

Hey you!! What are you up to this Wednesday? My boyfriend, Joe is putting on his first big show downtown at this place called The Bitter End - 147 Bleeker Street. It should be a lot of fun. Blackbook magazine is sponsoring his performance (which means they are giving out tons of free magazines and getty images will be there so photo-op time, haha) and T-shirts designed by Izzy Gold, press (from Blackbook, NY Post, and Observer), photogs the whole shebang, but more importantly a reason to celebrate and have fun!! I hope you can make it. The show starts at 9PM sharp, and then after, fun, fun fun!!

Should you attend said “shebang” and need some talking points, Joe Barney is a former personal trainer, a former Duke University hockey player, and was formerly known as Joe Freimuth. He also went to high school with Lydia. The invite promises that there will be “something for everyone.” But can the night measure up to Lydia’s madcap nights with uneven-balled ex-boyfriend Cisco Adler? Dare to dream. —Noelle Hancock

Lydia Hearst Pimps Out Her Aspiring Singer Boyfriend!