Lydia Hearst to Appear on ‘Gossip Girl,’ Where She’s Always Belonged

Lydia Hearst

Photo: Getty Images

Lydia Hearst has landed a minor role on Gossip Girl. We cannot think of a single better thing we’ve learned on a Tuesday, ever. Lindsay Lohan is so protective of girlfriend Samantha Ronson that she yelled at Ashley Olsen for saying hi to her at the Beatrice Inn. Tarlton Morton, the ex-druggie ex-wife of Hard Rock Cafe founder Peter Morton, is suing to get a bigger chunk of the $770 million Peter made from selling his casino in Vegas. James Frey will be fêted with a book party at Sotheby’s before speaking in front of the American Library Association convention in Anaheim. Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel is pissing off Bravo by doing publicity for the show without telling the network.

Youngsters Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson were both snapped in revealing outfits by the paparazzi. Danica Patrick says she gets out of speeding tickets by telling cops she’s a race-car driver. L.A.-based designer Richard Tyler sold four-story townhouse in the West Village for $14.4 million, $8 million more than he paid for it in 2000. The creepy clown from Capturing the Friedmans is now going to be teaching magic to C-list celebrities on VH-1. Former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford Jr. will marry fashion designer Emily Threlkeld in Miami in Saturday. Whitney Houston had to be carried into the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight in Vegas, though it’s unclear why. Ed Burns, Christy Turlington, and Alan Cumming hung out Paula Rego’s art opening in Chelsea. Cindy Adams says that Les Moonves thinks that he’ll eventually be fired by Sumner Redstone.

Lydia Hearst to Appear on ‘Gossip Girl,’ Where She’s Always Belonged