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Madonna Still Loves New York! Really!


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We knew it! Vanity Fair was totally lying when they quoted Madonna saying the city is “not the exciting place it used to be” and that it “doesn’t feel alive.” Madge talked to Sirius Radio’s the Beat on Friday and cleared everything up.

Well, I was referring to, when I was talking about that, in that interview, what I said was slightly taken out of context because I love New York and that’s where I really feel I came up and that’s where my career started. I was referring to, in a way, missing those days, those early days when the art world, the downtown scene, the music world, was like colliding in this very exciting way and a lot of the people from that time in my life are no longer alive. So it was in reference to missing that time, that energy, that freshness — and a lot of those people. So I hope I cleared that up. I mean there are lots of great, amazing people in New York but I am not plugged into it the way I used to be and I miss those days.”

We knew it. We knew she still loved us. Her words were just slightly taken out of context, you see? We never should have trusted that rascally Rich Cohen. And we’re sure this hasty clarification has nothing to do with the fact that Warner Bros. announced today that Queen Madge will take the stage for a show with Justin Timberlake at the Roseland Ballroom April 30. Right? Whatever. Tell us lies, Madonna. We don’t care. Just hold us in your scary bony arms and say we’re pretty and that you love us and we’ll forget it ever happened. We promise.

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Madonna Still Loves New York! Really!