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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker Root for Both Teams

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Yes. There is a foam finger somewhere behind him.Photo: Getty Images

You and Regis Philbin weren’t the only baseball fans crushed by the rain-out of yesterday’s last-ever opening day at Yankee Stadium. The Parker-Brodericks were bummed, too! “I thought the rain was gonna stop,” Matthew told us at last night’s premiere of Smart People. “So I went up to the stadium — but when I got on the train, across the platform there were about 50,000 people heading downtown,” he said, eyes downcast. “So traumatic.” Wait, Ferris takes the train? Is that even safe? “We are a family that doesn’t really like change. So the new Yankee Stadium is gonna be rough,” his wife, Sarah Jessica, told us. “The new Shea Stadium is also gonna be rough.” See – SJP, MB, and wee James Wilkie live in a household of dual loyalties. They’ll let their son “make his own decision” when it comes to fandom. “For a while he liked the Red Sox because his nanny is from Boston. I was even okay with that!” The only baseball problem is, in fact, peanuts. Baby James is “deathly allergic — but it’s anathema to baseball, I know,” SJP shrugged. “Maybe they can provide EpiPens in every stall?” —Justin Ravitz

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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker Root for Both Teams