Memo to Andrew Cuomo: Change Tactics


Also, stop making that damn face.Photo: Getty Images

Dear Andrew,

You’re doing a good job. No, really. We know we’ve teased you in the past, but you’ve taken some gutsy positions this year and you’ve uncovered some interesting things. But after we read today’s coverage of the state-trooper investigation that David Paterson asked you to launch, we decided we had to say something. See, you linked your work to that of the Knapp Commission, NYC’s legendary (successful) effort to expose corrupt cops in the seventies. Your new investigation may indeed prove to be as groundbreaking in the end, but it’s too early to start making comparisons. It’s classic Cuomo, trying to make your work seem as big and important as possible. And it would normally be a good strategy — after all, Eliot Spitzer made his name as the high-ego, ball-busting attorney general before you, and he became governor! We know that’s what you want. Except, the thing is, now is not the time to fashion yourself as the new Eliot Spitzer. Honestly, give it a rest. Do your work, be quiet about it for once, and let your successes speak for themselves. People are going to immediately mistrust you if you keep it up with this whole self-promotion thing.

We’re rooting for you, Andrew. Just do us a favor and stop tooting your own horn for a minute, okay?


Daily Intel


Memo to Andrew Cuomo: Change Tactics