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Moby Loves It When We Call Him a Slut


If you’re not a stealth slut, Moby, how do you explain THIS PICTURE?Photo: Getty Images

Back in February, we wondered whether Moby (pictured above) was a “Stealth Slut.” Of course, it wasn’t long before someone (in this case, Salon) asked the itsy-bitsy hipster what he thought of the label.

New York magazine recently called you a “stealth slut.” What does that mean?

A part of me wants to sort of try and sound cool and feed this myth that I’m some sort of glamorous lothario, but I was raised by women — my mother and her mother and my aunts — and as a result most of my friends have always been women. So I guess some people in the media will see me with lots of different women and assume that I’m dating all of them, and as unsexy as this might sound, they’re just my friends. Of course, I’m not a saint; occasionally I go out and get drunk and go home with a stranger, but I’m not at Tommy Lee levels or anything.

That’s quite the strategy, Moby. Compare yourself to the man who is only still famous because some people remember what his genitalia look like while interacting with Pamela Anderson’s. Nobody is at Tommy Lee levels. That’s like John McCain saying: “Sure, I’m old. But I’m not as old as Andy Rooney. Sheesh!”

I’d Hate Me, Too! [Salon]
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Moby Loves It When We Call Him a Slut