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Muffie Potter Aston Had the Best Prom Date Ever

Muffie Potter Aston Prom

A historical reenactment.Photo illustration: Getty Images, Retofile/Getty Images

It is generally recognized that when it comes to awesome socialite names, Muffie Potter Aston wins the grand prize. And as far as glamour goes, Muffie’s big blonde hair and big jewels set her high in the social firmament. But Muffie is not just a lady with a name — she’s a lady with a sense of humor about herself. Which is why she told us this priceless gem about her childhood last night, while we were at the Christian Lacroix store party. We happened to have just asked her about her prom, because let’s be honest, it must have been tragilarious. And it was!

I went to an all-girls school, so prom season for all of the girls was a very, very nerve-wracking experience — who was going to be asked, who wasn’t going to be asked. If you got asked, what were you going to wear? Did you look fat? Did you look skinny? The whole nine yards. Was he cute? Was he not cute? I am SO glad I am not in high school anymore … I went to one prom with one guy named Bob Veith, and then, God, this is embarrassing. One of my dates’ names to one of the proms was Muff Jones. You can only imagine with Muff and Muffie. I can’t believe I even remember that.

It’s okay if you just blacked out. We did for a moment, when she said it. Not only is this universe so spectacular that a teenager named “Muff Jones” once existed, but he actually managed to find pretty, young Muffie Potter and ask her to the prom. Bless you, Muffie, and all of the Muffs out there in the world. You make life worth living. —Blythe Sheldon

Muffie Potter Aston Had the Best Prom Date Ever