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Nader to Clinton: Don’t Quit!

Hillary Clinton Ralph Nader

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This weekend, Ralph Nader channeled Rosie O’Donnell, blogging some free-verse poetry about his potential presidential rival, Hillary Clinton. It’s really gorgeous:

Senator Clinton:

Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race.

Believe me.

I know something about this.

Here’s my advice:

Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore.

That’s just political bigotry.

Listen to your own inner citizen First Amendment voice.

This is America.

Just like every other citizen, you have a right to run.

Whenever you like.

For as long as you like.

It’s up to you, Hillary.

Just tell them –

It’s democracy.

Get used to it.

This is classic Nader. He actually is really grumpy about the possibility of another Clinton presidency, as evidenced by his January screed about Bill and Hill on a different Website. But the idea that someone would try to tell her what to do offends him so much that he’s come out on her side. Even if her staying in the race means tearing apart something very important, like the Democratic party or the near future of liberal politics in the U.S. The idea of being a contrarian just for the sake of it, rather than standing for something, has now officially become Nader’s M.O. We’re sure Hillary would appreciate the support, if it didn’t give Obama’s team so many talking points. Support from a fringe political leader is nice, but the opportunity to compare Hillary’s position in this year’s race with Nader’s role in Al Gore’s 2000 loss to George Bush is much nicer.

Don’t Listen To Senator Leahy [VoteNader.org]

Nader to Clinton: Don’t Quit!